Telecom Acronyms

List of telecom acronyms you will find here. This is never ending process and updating is continuous.  Our team will try to update and make this list actual.

BSS Business Support System

CRM Customer Relationship Management is usually application designed for customer support and handling. Everything that relates to maintaining a good level of relations that protects the user groups, orders, segments of the sales, support, maintenance, provisioning, rating and billing of use of specific services on offer / sale. Requires the maintenance of comprehensive and accurate database of all relevant disciplines and special communication channels, as well as the established process.

Product Catalog catalog with products which can be sale trough CRM

EPC Enterprise Product Catalog – should supply the necessary data on the CRM product and offer.

PLM – Management life cycle of products or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is process of managing the entire product cycle from its drafting through design and maintenance services, Billing and withdrawal from use.

Provisioning In Telecommunications, provisioning is process of preparing and equipping the network in order to provide new services to users.

QoS Quality of Service is setting up services where and when you want it, right order m.

SOA Service Oriented Architecture is important term. Architecture oriented towards services – set of services to mutual communication.Services are independent and not dependent on the context or state of other services. Work in the architecture of distributed systems.

Web services Web services are one kind of software system designed to support interaction between machines in the network.

XML Extensible Markup Language. Very flexible form of markup languages in which programmers can define what language carries. For example, it can include video, audio, metadata and control devices to form a very useful control platform designed for appropriate content management system. It increases the interoperability and, being flexible, can be changed to remain avant-garde.

Aggregation Aggregation is mediation term. Connecting more records coming from the same source, and the one odinose the service, in a record that is still being processed.

Activation Activation is processes which are characteristic for the creation and activation of new telecommunications services. For example new rate plan.

Archive Archives are stored information that is not directly available on-line.T o be useful you need to have some description, and how that can be found, must have a defined ownership of them and define access rights and the possibility of re-use. Depending on the medium on which is located, finding or downloading data from the archive may require some time or data can be quickly available.

Billing system Biling system on telecom field is main part and present system that monitors / collect / record information about customer use of services, update account status on the basis of defined cost and creates an invoice.

Wholesale (Wholesale) Sales of large dimensions, in large quantities, at wholesale prices. In the wholesale telecommunications services may also differ from each other (retail) services, since they usually provide to other operators, according to regulations and established price.

Time to Market Time-to-Market is the length of time it takes to go from designing products to its availability in stores.

Planning Planning or scheduling is organization and time determine repeat certain activities and events.

DIH -device input handler

FIH -file input handler

PRIH – pre rate input handler

CB – convergent billing

RIH – rate input handler

FUH – Free unit handler

PCCH – pre cost control handler

CCH – cost control handler

RLH – rate load handler

BSH – balance storage handler

BCH – bill cycle handler

BGH – bill generator handler

CDR – Call detail record

UDR – Usage data record

TAP – king of roaming files

CSF – Call set up fee

LCA – late call acceptance

Groups of users User Groups are Groups of people who use a particular application and want to exchange experiences and ideas with others.

Grouping Grouping or packaging means together associated resources under the general category or part of the title to all could be found in a single operation. For example, according to a specific product attribute, product documentation, reference data, pricing, approval, and so on.

Permissions Permissions defines the funds have no value as long as there is no permission for their use. Details permits should be linked to assets in the database, so that it could be assigned when the need arises for its use.The permit may be comprehensive, with no restrictions, but usually determines who can use the tool, where, when and how.

Rate plan or tariff – price plan for charging calls and all other services

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