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One of the most popular popular CRM in mobile platform is CX or customer center for BSCS, and CB or convergent billing on Single View platform.

For excellent invoicing you need next parameters for almost every CRM:

It is necessary to describe the every part of the billing system that allows search and access to user information such as name and address of the user to deliver the data for invoices, the address of residence and registration for business users, the data on authorized contact person for business users, birthday, e-mail address, TIN, personal identification number, the number of contracts of sale applications, and data on subscriber numbers,a set of services and service-defined limits, discounts and any other information necessary for the functioning of a process of billing, rating and invoicing-a.

The system must support the ability of hierarchical structure of the organization’s hierarchy and the definition of payment.  If there is a possibility of hierarchical organization stated that there are no restrictions on the depth of hierarchy and the hierarchy of graphical interpretation. The system must have the ability to view listings of transport users for the current month, as well as the possibility for individual users or groups of users disable showing listings for customers of the system except with a special viewing privileges.

The system must allow review of all assigned discounts and promotions to the subscribers. The system must allow access to all subscribers as well as balance and have a clear view of the assigned and administered free units of traffic.  Must be provide the whole history of all changes of the subscriber.

The CRM should allow users to add new attributes or to restore old parameters. Every transaction must be stored with identification who executed transaction.

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