Customer management system in TELCO – , CRM System

One of the most popular popular CRM in mobile platform is CX or customer center for BSCS, and CB or convergent billing on Single View platform.

For excellent invoicing you need next parameters for almost every CRM:

It is necessary to describe the every part of the billing system that allows search and access to user information such as name and address of the user to deliver the data for invoices, the address of residence and registration for business users, the data on authorized contact person for business users, birthday, e-mail address, TIN, personal identification number, the number of contracts of sale applications, and data on subscriber numbers,a set of services and service-defined limits, discounts and any other information necessary for the functioning of a process of billing, rating and invoicing-a.

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Rate plan or tariff

Rate plan or tariff  is one of the basic but very important term and entity on telecom field. This is also every day term. You can hear your family, you are speaking a lo toff, what you think, is it not cheap, are you on best rate plan?

So, there are 2 kinds of rate plans, prepaid and postpaid.

Prepaid are usually simplified and postpaid can have very huge structure.

For example, one simple prepaid rate plan,

All days in Week, 1 minute to all national networks is 0.1 Eur, rounding is 15/1.

This mean, that if you make call for 45 seconds to some person in national traffic, no international no roaming, you will need to pay next value:

45= 15 + 30*1

Rating charged price = 0.1/60*15 + 0.1/60*30

If the rounding is 60/1, for 45 seconds you will need to pay 0.1 Eur.

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Software tools for telecom support

If  you are for example telecom rating specialist for Single View or for Geneva or BSCS,  you will need some software tools for easy and flexible acting. Here we will discuss about basic tools.

1. First of all, all process in telecom are usually on UNIX/LINUX, so you will need putty. About usualy UNIX command we will speak letter.

2. Oracle is standard database for telecom field. So, Oracle client installation, TNSNAMES settings, and TOAD will be second tool which you need.

3. For ftp upload you will need Total Commander, File Zilla or WinSPC program.

4. Now, it id time for code  editor. Commercial product is ULTRA edit, and free of charge maybe better editor is  PSPad.  Both are excellent, so depends of your habit. We will like to know, if there are some other similar gadgets, so you can suggest this in field comments.

5.  If you are working remote, than you will need some VPN client like Cisko Cystem.


Welcome to telecom billing blog!

Welcome to telecom billing blog!

On this place, we will in one tolerant and professional atmosphere discuss about all telecom process:

About configuration, provisioning,  mediation, rating and billing.

Also, here will be some posts about good marketing campaign and post billing process.

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