The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Convergent Billing

The ‘phone’ in smartphone is growing increasingly superfluous.

It almost goes without saying that smartphones these days perform far more than just transmitting voice and text messages from one place to another. They are television screens and mp3 players. They are internet browsers and maps. They are fitness tools and travel guides. Unlimited data plans therefore are one of the most important services telecoms operators should offer to meet their customers’ demands.

With the emergence of this smartphone age, the honeymoon period between customers and their operators is over. What was once a simple, straight-forward and monogamous relationship where the customer received a single fixed telephone line and one invoice a month has changed. It’s now one where operators must offer a variety of services to survive and the customer can make purchases from third parties such as content providers and resellers.

Consequently, traditional Business Support Systems (BSS) are inadequate for telecoms operators. They are not able to differentiate between the data types or what their customers are engaging in to run a smooth, customer friendly service.

Many businesses offer both prepay and post-pay services but they are complicatedly and expensively rated and charged on entirely different systems. This might cause inconvenience for your clients who would still rather have one single invoice for their services and will almost certainly cause you to dig deeper into your pockets. Continue reading “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Convergent Billing”

Price for telecom billing system

The price for one telecom billing system is one of the expert topics, and we will try to give some basic ways and info how to arrange it.

For example, price can be established on the basis building customer without VAT in Euros or Dollars, for a fixed period of implementation of the contract, and of the numbers of accounts which will be calculated according to the official middle currency exchange rate changes EUR / USD published by World Bank of operations.

The offer must be made involving all network and IT levels, which are:

1.Software and all software licenses for every modules of the system
2.Hardware, individually and in total
3.Installation, with average time for standard implementation,
4.Integration and configuration with data in actual information systems,
5.Migration from existing systems to new billing, also monitoring of migration.
6.Training for stuff and in total,
7.Technical support for all software, documentation and quarterly total for the period of 1, 2 or more years
8. Maintenance of hardware modules, and total support for a period of three years.

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Customer management system in TELCO – , CRM System

One of the most popular popular CRM in mobile platform is CX or customer center for BSCS, and CB or convergent billing on Single View platform.

For excellent invoicing you need next parameters for almost every CRM:

It is necessary to describe the every part of the billing system that allows search and access to user information such as name and address of the user to deliver the data for invoices, the address of residence and registration for business users, the data on authorized contact person for business users, birthday, e-mail address, TIN, personal identification number, the number of contracts of sale applications, and data on subscriber numbers,a set of services and service-defined limits, discounts and any other information necessary for the functioning of a process of billing, rating and invoicing-a.

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Welcome to telecom billing blog!

Welcome to telecom billing blog!

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